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Latest News Headlines:

Commercial vehicles Industry Suppliers

RosALit will start delivering parts to Volvo truck plant in Kaluga

  RusAutoNewsCom. As announced by Sollers press office, RosALit aluminium casting plant, has passed the audit on the production of parts, organised by the Russian division of Volvo Group. The

Government Import Export Industry

Car plants are the main beneficiaries of the new government support system

  Vedomosti.- Metallurgists and car manufacturers will receive more than half of the government support to be allocated within the framework of the recently developed universal mechanism of industrial subsidies,

Government Import Export Industry

Government has abolished almost all targeted subsidies for the automotive industry

  TASS.- All targeted subsidies for the automotive industry will be cancelled apart from logistics, as told by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak to journalists following a meeting with

Import Export Passenger cars

Passenger car imports up by 10% in October 2018

  RusAutoNewsCom. – According to the Russian Federal Customs House data, by the end of the January – October period of 2018, car imports to Russia have increased by 15%

Commercial vehicles Import Export

Truck exports have increased by 10% within first 10 months of 2018

  RusAutoNewsCom. – According to data published by the Russian Federal Customs House, the truck exports figure of Russia has amounted to 11 thousand units by the end of the

Market OEMs Passenger cars

Avtovaz has achieved the best Lada sales figures of 2018 in November

  RusAutoNewsCom.- Lada sales have increased by 15.4% year-on-year in November 2018. As reported by the company. 33,663 units Lada passenger cars and LCVs were sold in Russia in November.

Commercial vehicles Industry Passenger cars

Car production in Russia has increased by 14% within the first 10 months

  RusAutoNewsCom. – Car production in Russia has increased by 13.5% year-on-year within the January-October period of 2018, according to ASM Holding data. 1,443,449 units vehicles (trucks, cars, buses) have

Market OEMs Passenger cars

Russian new car market has increased by 10% in November 2018

  RusAutoNewsCom. – As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, Russian new car market has increased by 10.1% or by 15,326 units year-on-year in November 2018 and amounted to

Commercial vehicles OEMs

UAZ has upgraded the Profi light trucks

  RusAutoNewsCom. – Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has announced the upgrade of the UAZ Profi light trucks. The model has become more comfortable and practical after the modernisation and the changes

Market Passenger cars

Luxury car sales in Russia has grown 18% in October 2018

  Autostat. – The luxury car sales in Russia has amounted to 126 units in October of 2018, indicating a 18% year-on-year growth. 1,188 new luxury cars have been sold

Market Passenger cars

The average car price has risen to 1.4 million rubles in Russia

  Autostat. – The weighted average car price in Russia has been calculated as 1.42 million rubles (approximately $21,400) by the end of the first 10 months of 2018, which

Commercial vehicles Market

Russian truck market has declined by 3% in October 2018

  Autostat. –Russian truck market has declined 3.4% in October 2018 in comparison with the same period of the previous year. According to Autostat data 7662 new trucks have been

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