OEMs are not anticipating growth in Russian market this year

OEMs are not anticipating growth in Russian market this year

Vedomosti – Local and foreign car manufacturers operating in Russia have spoken cautiously about their evaluations on the Russian market for the year 2013.

The Foreign Affairs Director of AutoVAZ Igor Burenkov has stated that he’s of the opinion that the company will maintain its sales figure of the year 2012 (538,000 vehicles, -7%) in 2013.

GM-AvtoVAZ, on the other hand, is planning to manufacture 62,500 Chevrolet Nivas in 2013 (-0.7%). While Volkswagen decided not to disclose its production plans, Ford-Sollers executives have stated that they have based their plans on increasing LCV production, avoiding to pronounce any figures. A Ford-Sollers representative believes that the volume of the Russian vehicle market will remain unchanged in 2013.

In contrast, the Director of Avtostat Sergei Udalov predicts that the market will maintain its magnitude according to the optimistic scenario, however a decline of 3% is also within possibility.

PSMA Rus (Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi) is one of the more optimistic manufacturers, considering the expectations from the year 2013. The Vice President Frederic Saint-Geours is anticipating a 5% growth in Russian vehicle market for this year. Saint-Geours has stated that they have manufactured 40,800 automobiles in 2012 and this figure will increase with the addition of new models such as; Citroen C4L and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in 2013. The Renault representative, on the other hand, did not make a statement.

The GAZ Group representative is of the opinion that the Russian LCV market will more or less maintain its 2012 figures ( ±3-5%). Approximately 175,000 LCVs had been sold in Russia in 2012.

Russian truck manufacturer KamAZ have sold over 47,000 vehicles in 2012, on the other hand. 41,000 of these vehicles have found buyers domestically. This sales figure will be maintained in 2013, according to the statement made by KamAZ Director of Public Relations Oleg Afanasyev.  The company predicts that approximately 135,000 medium or heavy tonnage trucks will be sold in Russia this year. In other words, the truck market will not go below its 2012 performance.