Russian commercial vehicles market in 2012

Russian commercial vehicles market in 2012

RusAutoNews.Com – Association of European Business (AEB) has published the commercial vehicles market data in Russia for the year 2012. AEB covers the commercial vehicles market in four segments. The first one being the sales of the light commercial vehicles within 2.8 and 6 tonnes. 188,905 light commercial vehicles have been sold in the country last year (+7%). GAZ, whose sales figures more or less remained stable, has become the leader of the LCV segment (90,247 vehicles). UAZ occupies the second place (27,885, +6%). This duo has been followed by Volkswagen (16,161, +31%) in the third place.

11,522 trucks have been sold in Russia from the 6-16 tonnes segment in 2012. The rate of increase in comparison with the previous year is 14%. Despite the decline in its sales figures, Hyundai has become the leader of the segment once again (4208 vehicles, -20%). The second and third places are occupied by Mitsubishi-Fuso (2026, +86%) and Hino (1779, +61%), respectively.

The number of 16+ tonnes trucks sold in 2012 is 18,507 (-12%). MAN has become the segment leader (7620 vehicles, +6%). The German manufacturer is being followed by Scania (5823, -14%) and Ural (5292, -48%). It should be remembered that the sales figures of the real market leader: KamAZ have not been included in AEB data. According to statements previously made by the company, which manages the distribution network of KamAZ , 41,000 KamAZ vehicles have been sold in Russia, on the other hand.

Finally, 5202 buses have been sold in Russia in 2012 (-2%). The leaders of the bus market are: PAZ (1916, +17%), LiAZ (1839, -15%) and KAVZ (549, +6%).

The AEB executives have drawn attention to the ”lower than anticipated” figures of the fourth quarter. Concerns have been raised especially on the 16+ tonnes trucks segment. However, the executives could not identify the reasons behind the declining sales. The crisis experienced within the Euro Zone and the Renewal Tax implemented since 01.09.2012 are being perceived as the main suspects.