Volvo Vostok manufactured 6000 and sold 7000 vehicles in Russia in 2012

Volvo Vostok manufactured 6000 and sold 7000 vehicles in Russia in 2012

Avtostat – Volvo Vostok has sold 6976 Volvo (+34%) and 1642 Renault (+22%) trucks in Russia in 2012. Thereby, Volvo has overtaken Scania, who sold 5283 vehicles in Russia in 2012. MAN has become the leader of the foreign brand trucks market of the country in 2012 (7620, +6.3%). Renault’s ranking remained unchanged.

The total number of foreign brand trucks sold in Russia in 2012 is 34,477 (+23%). The sales figure of domestic brands reached 109,818, on the other hand. 45,823 of this figure belongs to KamAZ and 12,589 to MAZ. The number of trucks imported reached 11,607 (+4%). Chinese brands are excluded from this figure.

Volvo Vostok factory, established in Kaluga, manufactured 5959 trucks in 2012 (+17.6%). The relevant statement has been made by the General Director of Volvo Piter Andersson. Andersson has told that 4287 of the manufactured trucks are Volvo (+17%) and 1572 are Renault (+19%). The Volvo Vostok factory is currently making preparations to manufacture Volvo FH series trucks. Additionally, from 2014 onwards, new models of Renault Trucks will be manufactured in the factory.

As one may remember, Volvo Group had announced its plans to localise the cabin production at Volvo Vostok in Kaluga with an investment of €90 million, in September 2012. The cabin production in Kaluga is anticipated to start in 2014. The group is planning to make an additional investment of €53 million in parts and components production in the country.

Volvo will open an excavator factory in Kaluga in May 2013. Piter Andersson has declared the investment value of the factory as €41 million. The factory will have an annual excavator production capacity of 2000.