Car components are the third best-sold product item online in Russia

Car components are the third best-sold product item online in Russia

Rossiyskaya gazeta – According to the Association of Russian e-Trade Companies (AKIT) survey, car components have become the third best-sold product item online in the country in 2013. Electronic goods and clothing occupy the top-two spots. The share of car components within the total is 10%.

In order to understand the dynamics of this market in Russia, one only needs to check the distance covered by the major players of the market within one year. According to the survey conducted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the sales of the most popular car components company in the country have increased by 80% in 2013, reaching 2.3 billion rubles ($67 million).

The newspaper’s report includes that the Russian consumers often prefer ordering the products directly from countries like USA and Japan, rather than waiting for the dealers to supply the items. Generally, the products sent from these countries reach the consumer within two weeks. The delivery period may take up to a several months with Russian dealers. The Russian car-enthusiasts seem to prefer dealing with the customs and shipping problems themselves, in order to save money and time.

The best-sold components in Russia online are ranked as follows: starter engines (22%), lights (21%) and car windows (17%). Tyres are another popular segment in online sales. According to Frost&Sullivan’s survey, 8% of tyres in Russia are sold through the internet. Throughout Europe this ratio is 7.8%. It’s predicted that this ratio will have gone over 20% by the year 2020.

Components, accessories and even car sales are amongst the up and coming niches of the internet in Russian language. Although the big players have long ago started to dominate the market, a certain amount of demand still remains to be satisfied.