The number of car sales points in Russia has exceeded 4000

The number of car sales points in Russia has exceeded 4000

Kommersant. – According to Avtostat survey, the dealer networks of companies are expanding, despite the shrinkage in the Russian market. With the addition of the 124 sales centres opened this year, the number of dealers in the country has reached 4075.

Chinese brands: Changan, JAC, FondFeng and Brilliance have opened over 100 sales centres in 2014. The dealer numbers of Chinese brands have increased by 30%, together with the brands operating in the Russian market for long time, such as; Lifan, Chery, Geely and Great Wall.

The number of premium segment car dealers has risen by 6% in 2014, from 437 to 465. In contrast with the declining number of BMW and Cadillac sales centres, new Jaguar (+8%), Mercedes-Benz (+4%) and Lexus (+4%) dealers have been opened.

The recession has affected the popular brands with high sales figures mostly. While ZAZ and Tagaz-Vortex-BYD have completely left the market, the sales centre numbers of Daewoo, FIAT and Hyundai have fallen by 41, 30 and 4, respectively. The total number of closures in this segment is 244. Despite the closure of 54 sales points, AVTOVAZ keeps its leadership in this field with 382 centres.

In conjunction with the developments, several companies choose to shift their sales to the premium segment. The executive director of one of such companies, GK Nezavisimost, Maksim Miskin has announced the discontinuation of Peugeot sales in Moscow, as of the end of October. Miskin has explained the logic behind the decision by drawing attention to the declining sales figures of the brand in the capital: -36.8% by the end of the first three quarters. On the other hand, the company has opened two new sales centres for Audi, Jaguar and Land Rover.

The president of GK Favorit Motors: Vladimir Popov states that the preparation process to launch a new sales centre takes at least a year, quite often prolonging to two or three years. According to Popov, the decision to open the sales points, which commenced operations in the middle of this year, was taken somewhere in 2012-2013, the years when sales had an upward tendency. Moreover, none of these companies forecasted such an high increase in dollar/euro versus ruble exchange rates.