Russian car production has shrunk by 27.1% in November

Russian car production has shrunk by 27.1% in November

RusAutoNews.Com – According to data published by the Russian Federal Statistics Service: Rosstat, 1.6 million automobiles have been manufactured in the country within the January-November period (-10.3%). The November production figure is around 200,000 vehicles (-27.1%).

AVTOVAZ has started the test production of Lada Vesta in November. The model will be manufactured at IzhAvto factory, established in Izhevsk. The production of new Camry has started at Toyota St. Petersburg factory and KIA Cerato at Kaliningrad Avtotor factory in November. GM has transferred the production of Cadillac CTS, ATS and SRX models from Avtotor to St. Petersburg. Moscow based Renault Russia factory has discontinued the production of the first generation Sandero hatchback model. The new generation of the model is being manufactured by AVTOVAZ. GAZ factory, which manufactures Chevrolet Aveo for GM, will operate four-days-a-week between 14.11.2014 – 13.05.2015, due to the shrinkage in the market.

According to Rosstat data, 139,000 trucks have been manufactured in Russia during the January-November period (-25.8%). November truck production figure is 14,000 (-38.6%).

KAMAZ had previously shifted to four-days-a-week working regime, due to the shrinkage in the truck market. The factory will will maintain this regime at least until the year-end. Volvo Group has started cabin production right next to its Kaluga plant in November. The annual production capacity of the project has been announced as 15,000 cabins.

The number of buses manufactured in Russia within the January-November period has been declared as 38,300 (-20.6%). The production figure for November is 4200 (-19.1%).