Rosstandart has not come across any violations in Volkswagen emissions

Rosstandart has not come across any violations in Volkswagen emissions

Vedomosti – Russian Federal Technical Regulations and Metrology Agency: Rosstandart has not detected any violations in the emission values of diesel automobiles belonging to VW Group or any other car manufacturer. The relevant statement has been made by the Russian minister of industry and commerce: Denis Manturov:

“According to data obtained by Rosstandart, Russian norms and standards have not been violated, as of today. This is the case not for VW only, but all other companies making production in Russia.”

Upon the discovery of violation in VW diesel vehicles by American EPA, Rosstandart has sent a letter to the offices of VW Russia, asking for explanation. The organisation had asked for information from BMW, due to the same reason.

Vedomosti has heard from a source close to the ministry that the officials are waiting for the completion of the investigation. Russia is subject to European environmental standards, not American. The source has stated that Russia refrains from taking any harsh measures before the verdict, due to being subject to sanctions at the moment and highlighted VW’s position as one of the biggest foreign investors in the country. The German company has invested in the car factory it established in Kaluga €1 billion and €250 million in the engine factory up to today.

According to Autostat data, 50,900 VW and 16,600 Audi vehicles with diesel engines have received licence in Russia, since 2011.