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Government Market

Eurasian Economic Commission has levied anti dumping tax on Chinese commercial vehicle tyres – Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has levied anti dumping taxes between 14.79% – 35.35% on Chinese truck, bus, trolleybus, dump truck, trailer and semi-trailer tyres. As reported by,

Market OEMs

The share of foreign brands in Russian automotive has fallen for the first time since the year 2000

Vedomosti – According to the prediction published by Autostat, the share of foreign brand automobiles manufactured in Russia in total production will decline for the first time since the year


St. Petersburg car factories have increased production by 1% in October

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Auto-Dealer-SPb data, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and GM factories, established in St. Petersburg, have manufactured 251,300 automobiles within the first ten months of the year (-16%). On the


Automobile production shrank by 23% within the January-September period in Russia

Interfax – According to data published by the Russian Federal statistics Service Rosstat, automobile production in the country has shrunk by 23.2% year-on-year, within the January-September period. 1.1 million vehicles


Russian government continues subsidising automotive – Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev has signed a new bylaw, proposing the promotion of the automotive sector in the country, during crisis conditions. Accordingly, the government has allocated

Government Suppliers

The biggest car battery manufacturer of Russia will receive government support

Vedomosti – The committee of experts from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce Development Fund has approved a subsidy of 500 million rubles for the Russian car battery manufacturer


MAR supplies components to AVTOVAZ and Renault Turkey

RusAutoNews.Com – Since February 2015, MAR supplies AVTOVAZ and Renault Turkey (Bursa) with engine components for the new H4M Gen2-engine MAR is presently delivering as Tier-1 directly to AVTOVAZ and as

Commercial vehicles Market

56% of Russian truck market belongs to KAMAZ

Autostat – Russian truck manufacturer KAMAZ has increased its share in 14-40 tonnes truck market by 13 points as of the first nine months of the year, to 56.2%. The

Government Market

The customs duty implemented on imported LCVs will be reduced to 5% in Russia for a year

Vedomosti – Russian Sub-Committee of Tariff Rates, Off-Duty Regulations and Measures of Conservation in Foreign Trade has decided to reduce the customs duty implemented on the imports of light commercial


Russian car imports fell by 52% in nine months

RusAutoNews.Com. – According to data published by the Russian Federal Customs Service (FTS), the automobile imports have shrunk by 51.9% by the end of the first nine months of the