Russian production Renault automobiles have been delivered to Vietnam

Russian production Renault automobiles have been delivered to Vietnam – Renault Russia has sent another party of Duster passenger cars to Vietnam. This is the second lot, following the first party delivered to the country in February. The vehicles are currently being sold at dealer centres. Exports of all Renault models manufactured in Russia will begin in the near future.

The exports will be made within the frame of the free-trade agreement amongst the countries of Eurasian Economic Community and Vietnam, which strengthens the mutual commitments between the countries, simplifying the access of suppliers of goods and services to the markets of the member states.

As other car manufacturers, Renault also expects support from the Russian government, in order to increase export volumes further. The manufacturer has high hopes on its recently launched model in Russia: Kaptur crossover, the production of which started in Moscow in April 2016. The model will be exported to Belarus and Kazakhstan towards the end of the year and to Armenia and Azerbaijan later on. There are plans to supply Kaptur to countries outside the CIS, beginning with Vietnam.

Renault Russia puts emphasis on the exports of components and parts to different countries of the world. Algeria is one of the target markets, where the company plans to supply painted Russian production Logan bodies in the near future.