The new management of AVTOVAZ targets a 20% market share in 2016

The new management of AVTOVAZ targets a 20% market share in 2016

RusAutoNews.Com. – The new President of AVTOVAZ: Nicolas Maure has presented the targets and plans of the company at the International Moscow Automotive Forum (IMAF) for the first time in public, since he became the head of the company in April 2016.

The company aims to have more than 20% share of the passenger cars market with its LADA brand until the end of this year. The government’s utilisation program facilitates the plans of the company: 130,000 LADA vehicles have been sold through this program this year, which makes up almost 50% of the total sales.

As stated by Maure, AVTOVAZ will complete the management team within this year, take all necessary measures for the financial recovery of the company and accelerate the localisation process. The manufacturer will also restore exports to CIS countries and increase the export figures to other countries. The company is also evaluating a CKD operation in Kazakhstan for the Asian markets.

AVTOVAZ has plans to introduce two new models into the market between 2017 and 2019. The company has a market prediction of 2.2 million vehicles for the year 2020.

Nicolas Maure was the Managing Director of Renault Group in Romania and the CEO of Dacia SA (Romania), prior to Avtovaz.