Top 10 premium class automobiles in Russia

Top 10 premium class automobiles in Russia – 91,000 premium-class automobiles have been sold in Russia within the first half of the year, as published by Autostat. The figure is 8% below the same period of last year. 11% of the Russian automobile market belongs to the premium segment. Lexus RX has become the most popular model of the segment by the end of the eight months period. 4900 Lexus RX have been sold in Russia from January till the end of August, which is equivalent to a 102% year-on-year rise.

The second spot is occupied by Lexus NX. The company has managed to sell 4235 crossovers, which indicates a 38% shrinkage. Lexus LX completes the top-three, with a sales figure of 3846 crossovers, increasing sales by 160% in comparison with the previous year.

German crossovers: Audi Q7 (3683, +169%) and BMW X5 (3637, -10.5%) came fourth and fifth respectively. The rest of the rankings is as follows: Mercedes-Benz: GLS (3521 ; +10,5%), GLC (3458), E-Сlass (3178; -29,5%) , GLE (3111; +21%) and BMW Х6 (2718; +24%).