The number of vehicles reached 49.7 million in Russia

The number of vehicles reached 49.7 million in Russia

Autostat – According to Autostat data, the number of vehicles in Russia has amounted to 49.7 million units, as of the turn of the year.

84% of the fleet belongs to passenger cars, with 41.6 million vehicles. 4% of the park consists of light commercial vehicles, almost 4 million units in quantitative terms. The number of trucks registered in the country is a little bit less (3.7 million), making up 7.5% of the market. Buses have a share of around 1% in Russian automobile park, with 400,000 units. 

According to the results of the survey, the average age of a passenger car in Russia is 12.9 years. The average age goes down in foreign brands, to 10.4 years. The home brand fleet is considerably older, with an average age of 16.4 years (including CIS countries).

The youngest fleet belongs to China amongst foreign automobiles (5.8 years). Korean vehicles have an average age of 6.9 years. American cars come third (9.1 years). A European car is 10.4 years of age in average. Japanese have the oldest fleet amongst foreign brands (12.6 years). 

UAZ is the home brand with the lowest average vehicle age (15.5%), which is a little bit younger than LADA (15.6%). Russian make cars have an average age of 20.5 years.

As noted by Autostat, the average age of vehicles in Russia amounted to 12.5 years last year. The increase in this indicator is largely due to the slowing down in the pace of fleet utilisation.