Toyota Russia has sold 1.7 million cars within 15 years

Toyota Russia has sold 1.7 million cars within 15 years

RusAutoNews.Com – According to Toyota Russia, the official Toyota and Lexus dealers have sold 1,673,749 automobiles within the 2002-2016 period in the country. The aggregate annual sales of the two brands grew by almost 14 times during the period: from 8600 vehicles in 2002 to 118,700 in 2016. 2008 was the record year for Toyota Russia in terms of sales volumes, with 204,761 Toyota and Lexus automobiles.

1,499,097 Toyota automobiles have been sold between 2002-2016. The brand has been the leader amongst all Japanese brands in Russia for several years in a row.

The sales figure of Lexus has reached 174,652 units by the end of the 2002-2016 period. Lexus has risen to the third spot in the premium brands sales volumes rankings in the country in 2016.

In the meantime, the market share of Toyota Russia has been on the rise continuously. This indicator has grown by ten times within the aforementioned period: from 0.8% to a record share of 8.3%.

The number of official Toyota and Lexus dealers in Russia has increased from 11 in 2002 to the current figure of 154, covering the whole country from its westernmost point in Kaliningrad to its eastern regions, including Sakhalin.