KAMAZ and Daimler will invest € 400 million in new production

KAMAZ and Daimler will invest € 400 million in new production

RNS – The joint venture of KAMAZ and Daimler: Daimler KAMAZ Rus (50-50% partnership) expects to apply for a special investment contract (SPIC) for the production of cabin carcasses in Tatarstan until the end of August, as told by a KAMAZ representative to RNS.

The factory with an annual production capacity of 57,000 cabins is currently being constructed in Tatarstan. The construction has started in March 2016 and is planned to be completed by 2018. The serial production is intended for 2019-2020, as stated by KAMAZ previously. KAMAZ had reported 90% readiness for first stage construction and assembly works at the end of May. Full-cycle cabin carcass production will be made in the facility, which will be delivered to the assembly line of KAMAZ. The carcasses will also be used in the assembly production of Mercedes-Benz trucks. The plant will consist of four workshops – painting, welding, logistics and energy centre, on a total area of 67,900 m2.

Approximately €400 million will be invested in the creation of the plant, as stated previously by Sergei Kogogin.

KAMAZ and Daimler are currently partners, manufacturing Mercedes-Benz cars in Yesipovo, Moscow Region, for which a special contract has already been concluded. 80% of the under construction Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus factory belongs to Daimler and the remaining 20% to KAMAZ.

Beside KAMAZ and Daimler, a SPIC proposing the construction of an engine factory in Vladivostok has been concluded by the joint venture Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus. BMW (car production in Kaliningrad) and Hyundai (engine production) also expect to sign special investment contracts.