Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service has urged OEMs against the prevention of genuine spare parts imports

Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service has urged OEMs against the prevention of genuine spare parts imports

RNS – Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) tries to motivate the manufacturers of car spare parts and medical equipments not to interfere with the imports of genuine spare parts or equipments by unofficial importers or their localisation of production in Russia, as told by the deputy head of Federal Antimonopoly Service Andrei Kashevarov to journalists.

“We encourage the importers to follow the procedure strictly, obtaining the consent of the rights holder, who must make sure that the genuine products are imported. Therefore, the rights holder sees and guarantees the originality of the imported goods. In case the imported product is unoriginal, it will be refused and not be imported” – Kashevarov said.

FAS issued warnings to Daimler, CIB Corporation, Renault and the manufacturer of medical equipments YD-Diagnostics on 14 July, concerning unreasonable restriction of imports under their brand names by unofficial dealers. The warning is based on the requests of independent importers, who complained about not being able to agree on the imports of products under the aforementioned manufacturers’ brand names. The importers either received unmotivated refusals or their requests were not taken into consideration at all. FAS has detected signs of unfair competition in the market.

“In one case, there was a refusal to supply a medical product, and in other cases – a silence. The silence prevailed since April (RNS),” – said Kashevarov.

The refusal by the right holder to the importer can be justified, according to Kashevarov, in case the products are counterfeit or their production is localised.

“We will fully consider the refusal justified, if the production of the goods is localised in Russia, which means that no relevant investment will be affected as a result. We provide great incentives for the localisation of production” – said Kashevarov.

The ECE (Economic Commision for Europe) Council may look into the issue of legalisation of imports within this week. The Association of European Businesses AEB has announced its opposition to the legalisation last week: the parallel imports will cause a rise in the entry of counterfeit or dishonestly declared products to Russian market; create job losses in the production of car components; increase health risks for consumers.