City Hall: Moscow is developing a flying taxi

City Hall: Moscow is developing a flying taxi

TASS – A Moscow company is working on the creation of a flying motorcycle and an air taxi, as told by the director of the capital city’s department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship Alexei Fursin.

Fursin has stated that a number of new technologies and startups, in particular a cargo drone, are presented at the stand of the Moscow government. “The new company from Skolkovo has developed and already experimented the aforementioned drone. We hope that the drone will not remain only as an experimental series, but go beyond and achieve mass production” – Fursin said on the sidelines of MAKS aviation exhibition.

According to Fursin, the drone can be used for passenger transport, with or without a pilot. “Production and assembly will all take place in Moscow. Moreover, currently the company holds several patents, including the creation of the air taxi. Unlike the foreign countertypes, the air taxi can take-off and land in the parking lot for cars” – added Fursin.

Concerning the time of appearance of such flying vehicles in the capital, Fursin noted that no one had imagined moving on simple cars previously. “Therefore, this is a look into the future” – he concluded.

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