Nissan production has increased in Russia by 12% during the first half of the year

Nissan production has increased in Russia by 12% during the first half of the year

Autostat – Nissan has manufactured 34,447 automobiles in Russia during the first half of 2017, which is equivalent to a 12% year-on-year growth. 21,302 crossovers have rolled off the St. Petersburg production line, exceeding last year’s figure by 27%. As told by the Director of Public Relations of Nissan in Russia: Roman Skolsky to Autostat, the growth is primarily connected with the start of production of two key models for the Russian market: Nissan Qashqai and the new generation Nissan Murano. The company expects to keep the momentum of growth.

As stated previously, it’s planned to increase production in Nissan St. Petersburg plant by approximately a quarter in 2017, in comparison with the previous year (36,458 units). For that purpose, a second shift will be introduced in the plant in October, creating around 450 new jobs.

According to Roman Skolsky, the government support also contributes to the growth in production, most importantly the measures, aimed at the support and development of local production. “The approval of a new resolution aimed at export development, which will allow us to penetrate into new markets and increase production volumes, was an important step, from our point of view. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it’s necessary to develop new support measures aimed at increasing the localisation of auto components. Tax incentives, reducing administrative barriers and subsidising costs, associated with investments in new products or modernisation, existing production capacities, compensation for homologation costs, certification, testing of product samples and the education of personnel, are important for suppliers falling into the category of small and medium size businesses. The development of car component suppliers is one of the key tasks of the automotive industry today” – said Roman Skolsky.

Qashqai, X-Trail, Murano, Pathfinder (St. Petersburg) and Terrano (Moscow) are the Nissan models manufactured in Russia currently. Nissan sedan models: Almera and Sentra are produced in AVTOVAZ plants in Tolyatti and Izhevsk. Nissan exports the automobiles it manufactures in Russia to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

In addition, Nissan has announced plans to export automobile spare parts to Europe in September last year. Nissan St. Petersburg plant has started the exports of Nissan X-Trail rear and front bumpers of its own production, allowing a significant reduction in the costs of components in comparison with their counterparts, which were imported from Japan until then. The bumpers are exported to the European central warehouse for spare parts in Amsterdam, which consolidates all the spare parts for the European market and organises sales to dealers throughout the continent in due course. Russian Nissan plant has been manufacturing 8 different types of bumpers for the dealers of the brand in the country for the last two years. These spare parts are for all four models manufactured in the factory: X-Trail, Qashqai, Pathfinder and Murano.