Renault Russia plans to update its model range until 2022

Renault Russia plans to update its model range until 2022

RNS – Renault Russia will expand its model range in the next 2-3 years, growing in the SUV segment in Russia (crossovers and SUVs). The company is ready to localise the most popular models, as told by the Marketing Director of Renault Russia: Francisco Hidalgo-Marquez to journalists. The brand wants to improve its position against its rivals, approaching the position of Toyota. Renault doesn’t want to be associated with the affordable, mass-production models, such as: Logan and Duster anymore.

Hidalgo-Marquez has named one of the steps of the new strategy of the brand as “the complete renewal of the model range until 2022”. “Our development will largely rely on the SUV segment in the future. The vehicles will be locally manufactured and the model range will be expanded in the forthcoming years… We would like to update our model range and get closer to our current share in the European market, remaining a localised brand at the same time. For that reason, we need to improve our image, approaching the position held by Toyota” – he said. 

Renault will import certain new models. “When we identify the models with high potential in the Russian market, we will concentrate on their localisation in the country. Certain models will be imported, but they will be distinguished by a high price. If the circumstances stabilise in the medium-term, we’ll consider expanding the number of models manufactured in Russia” – Hidalgo-Marquez added. 

The latest crisis has shown us the ineffectivity of importing a high range of models, noted Hidalgo-Marquez: Renault used to sell 20 models in the beginning of the crisis, most of them imported, then the number had to be cut. Logan, Duster and Sandero were the models sold by Renault a year ago, Kaptur and Koleos were added to the range during the year, to be followed by the LCV Dokker at the end of the year. 

If Renault Russia decides to manufacture a new model, it will be adapted to Russian conditions, as it was the case with Logan or Kaptur. The option of discontinuing any of the models on Moscow or Togliatti sites is not considered, which are all in demand, as explained by the Commercial Director of Renault Russia Jerome Pannot.