Government will support the indexification of car utilisation fees

Government will support the indexification of car utilisation fees

RNS – The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will support the indexification of the car utilisation fees at 15% from 2018 onwards, as told by the Minister of Industry and Commerce Denis Manturov to journalists.

“Yes, we will support the indexification, because it’s amongst the sources for the development of automotive industry” – Manturov said.

The draft federal budget prepared by the Ministry of Finance for 2018-2020 proposes the indexification of the car utilisation fees for wheeled and self-propelled vehicles manufactured in Russia or imported from abroad at 15%. The total revenues in the federal budget should increase by 58.4 billion rubles to 223.4 billion rubles in 2018, to 259.8 billion rubles in 2019 and to 267.9 billion rubles in 2020, as published by Vedomosti.

Utilisation fees were introduced in 2012 for importers only at the beginning, however, the vehicles produced by Russian manufacturers were also included in 2014. The basic rate of recycling collection is 20-150,000 rubles.

The government has indexed utilisation charges at 65% since 2016, relating the implementation to the 50% increase in the customs value of imported vehicles since 2012. The utilisation rates for cars over 3 years old remained unchanged.