Russian transport company will develop autonomous trucks

Russian transport company will develop autonomous trucks

RNS – Russian transport company Traft will establish a division to develop autonomous trucks, as stated by the company. The company plans to adapt the Hyundai Porter series trucks for partial unmanned control and develop the new truck on the same platform.

Traft will develop its own intelligent transport system Traft-OnLine, which will carry out the function of automatic placement and dispatch of orders for transport by unmanned vehicles and provide the partners with access. “The vehicle will receive orders remotely, turn the wheels and arrive at a warehouse for loading and complete the journey at the point of unloading. This is the cycle of activities we are trying to achieve” – as told by the Executive Director and the investor in new projects at the new division: Artur Muradyan.

Traft had signed a contract with a Russian car manufacturer for the supply of autonomous trucks by the end of August in March 2017, however, the terms were not fulfilled and the advance payment has been returned, the company said, without mentioning the name of the manufacturer. There were plans to start cargo transportation from Moscow to St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

According to the technical specification presented at the end of 2016, the provided system for the autonomous trucks has to correspond with the second level of driverless vehicles regulation, out of the six levels in the SAE International classification and have the basis for the implementation of the third level. The third level has certain modes, where the vehicle conducts the whole process of driving, the driver having the authority to take the control in his hands at any moment. “The automobile can make its own decisions, such as; when to change lanes and how to react to incidents on the road. The driver acts as a back up system” – as stated by the company.

The company plans to hire 20 developers and engineers, the cost of which is estimated to amount to 15 million rubles. A special office with laboratories and test sites will be established in Moscow, on the basis of the design bureau at NITU MISiS, by the end of the year. Only serial production automobiles by car manufacturers will be included in the project, which will be modified by Traft. The company has highlighted the fact that it has no plans to develop its own vehicles.

Traft has agreed on the development of unmanned vehicles with the Central Institute of Automotive Research and Development: NAMI, Moscow Polytechnic University and the National Research Technological University: MISiS. The company will test the autonomous vehicles on GAZelle Next, Hyundai Porter and KIA Ceed Pro. Traft has built a test site at the village of Shakhovo in Greater Moscow for the autonomous vehicles.

The development of the autonomous trucks is carried out by KAMAZ representing Russian manufacturers, in cooperation with Cognitive Technologies. The road tests will start in 2018.