KAMAZ will launch truck production in Uzbekistan

KAMAZ will launch truck production in Uzbekistan

RusAutoNews.Com – As reported by the press office of KAMAZ, truck production will be organised in Uzbekistan at the facilities of UzAutoTrailer. In addition, the establishment of a joint venture on vehicle assembly in the country is also within plans.

According to the agreement, KAMAZ and Uzavtosanoat will carry out operations in cooperation. As KAMAZ supplies assembly kits and parts and components to UzAutoTrailer, the Uzbek company will assemble chassis, along with the installation of superstructures of both own and joint production. As proposed by the agreement, within the framework of the organisation of truck production in Uzbekistan, the first 100 assembly kits are planned to be supplied until the end of December 2017, for the assembly of KAMAZ vehicles in the country.

The first party of assembled vehicles will be presented at the joint Client Day, which will be held at the beginning of 2018. Following completion, the joint product will be put out on sale in the domestic market of Uzbekistan and in export markets, through the dealer network of the distributor appointed by the companies.

According to the agreement, the joint venture-distributor, designed to ensure the control of the delivery times of the products to the end user, the completeness of the proposed model range of KAMAZ vehicles, the sales of the products in export markets, will be created as soon as possible.

In addition, the supply of components and special bodies from Uzbekistan to KAMAZ facilities is within plans, as part of the cooperation agreement.