UAZ plans to double the volume of exports in 2018

UAZ plans to double the volume of exports in 2018

Autostat – The Ulyanovsk Car Factory UAZ plans to double the volume of exports to 8000 vehicles and continue with the development of the product range, as reported by the press office of the Ulyanovsk region government.  The company has manufactured more than 43,000 vehicles within the first 11 months of 2017. UAZ has presented the new commercial vehicle Profi this year, with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tonnes.

“Ulyanovsk Car Factory has enough potential to increase its volume of production. We plan to continue with the development of exports next year. Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are our target markets. In the meantime, it’s planned to start the assembly of UAZ vehicles in Kazakhstan in 2018, which will create new opportunities for the company, making a positive effect on the development and expansion of the production potential. In addition, the plant has launched the production of the new model: UAZ Profi in 2017, representing the company in one of the fastest growing segments in the market: LCV. There are plans to expand the range of modifications in 2018, by releasing various specialised versions” – as stated by the press office of Sollers to Autostat.

UAZ will continue with the modernisation of production and quality improvement works. “The automobile test lines will be modernised at the facility throughout January. Concerning quality, the wheel alignment, braking power tests and electric systems stands will be renovated, taking into account the launch of the production of the new model range. All these efforts will improve the quality control and the consumer properties of the vehicles” – as told by the general director of UAZ: Vadim Shvetsov.

According to Sollers press office, car production will be suspended in the facility during the works, due to the effects on the main technological chains of the plant. The technological chain of the plant will gradually return to the regular staff mode in the fourth week of January. At the same time, the company has assured the UAZ dealer network, which expected the planned suspension of production in January, about the continuation of the provision of supplies. The supplies were increased in December, as a precaution. The optimal stock of vehicles depends on the specifications of the dealers: concentration on retail or corporate sales, geographical location etc.

The company currently operates in a five-days-a-week regime, in two shifts. The company will operate on a federal schedule next year. Additional days and shifts will depend on the amount of orders. “Since UAZ operates on a “just in time” basis, the work schedule of the enterprise is entirely determined by the order portfolio. The order portfolio for the first quarter of 2018 is being organised at the moment” – as the press office of Sollers informed Autostat.