Isuzu trucks production in Ulyanovsk has more than doubled in 2017

Isuzu trucks production in Ulyanovsk has more than doubled in 2017

Autostat – Isuzu trucks production in Ulyanovsk has more than doubled in 2017. Ulyanovsk Isuzu plant has increased truck production 2.2 times in 2017 to 5160 units. 3836 N-series (gross weight 3.5-9.5 tonnes) lightweight chassis, 1086 F-series (12-18 tonnes) medium-weight and 238 C and E category (26-33 tonnes) heavy trucks have been manufactured at the factory. The production of N-series has risen by 133% and F-series by 60%. NPR75 (1980 units, 38%), NMR85 (926, 18%), NQR90 (871, 17%) and FVR34 (744, 14%) have become the most popular Isuzu trucks chassis in 2017, as stated by Autostat.

As told by the Ulyanovsk production director of Isuzu Rus: Pavel Golovin, the new requirements of the Customs Union from 2018 onwards, such as the compulsory shift to Euro-5 standard, have created high positive dynamics. As a result, the sales of Isuzu trucks have increased during the third and fourth quarters of 2017, when many of the major clients have decided to purchase the cheaper Euro-4 vehicles.

As of 2018, Isuzu Ulyanovsk has completely shifted to Euro-5 production. “We expect an inertia of demand in connection with the transition to Euro-5 at the beginning of 2018, however, we predict that the recovery will take place at the second half of the year. The plant currently operates in two shifts, five-days-a-week and no shift increase is planned” – said Pavel Golovin.

The prototypes of the lightweight chassis 4×4 NMS85 and the test sample of gas-engine NPR82 (CNG) have been assembled in the factory in 2017, for the purpose of certification tests. The serial production of NMS85 is planned for the first quarter of 2018 and NPR82 for the third quarter of the year.

N-series chassis will be assembled at Isuzu Rus plant for the production of urban buses for public transport and coaches, within the framework of cooperation between Simaz and the government of Ulyanovsk region. The first prototypes have successfully passed the certification process and the serial production has been given the go ahead.

Isuzu Rus manufactures all lines of Isuzu trucks N, F, C and E categories of vehicle chassis from 3.5 to 33 tonnes in Ulyanovsk. The production of heavy trucks (30 tonnes and upwards) has started in May 2017.