UAZ has developed the first Russian hybrid LCV

UAZ has developed the first Russian hybrid LCV

RusAutoNews.Com – UAZ has presented the prototype of the first Russian hybrid LCV with a hybrid power system, as announced by the company. The automobile has been developed by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise NAMI, on the basis of UAZ Profi. The two-row five-seater cabin version in van superstructure, with a carrying capacity up to 1.5 tonnes has been presented at Innoprom industrial exhibition in Yekaterinburg.

The hybrid system allows the vehicle to run in three modes (electric, petrol and mixed) and includes: a 2.3 litres petrol atmospheric internal combustion engine with a capacity of 131.6 hp and 214 Nm torque, 6-speed automatic transmission with 126.4 hp electric machine and 288 Nm torque, a 365V traction battery with an energy reserve of 14kWh, as well as various auxiliary devices for the transformation and distribution of electricity and replenishment of battery charge from the mains. The fuel consumption in the mixed mode is 7.6 litres of petrol in 100 km.

The hybrid mode is activated by the operation of the internal combustion engine combined with an automatic transmission with electric machine. The mode turns to hybrid after the vehicle reaches the threshold speed of 50 km/h, when the electronic system automatically turns on the internal combustion engine to ensure the joint operation of the hybrid power system.

“The vehicle accelerates to 100 km/h in 10.7 seconds, which more than triples the dynamics in comparison with a petrol engine car” – according to the statement.

The serial production of the vehicle is planned to be launched following the implementation of all necessary tests.