Mazda Sollers has opened an engine factory in Vladivostok

Mazda Sollers has opened an engine factory in Vladivostok


RusAutoNewsCom. – As reported by Sollers press office, the opening ceremony of a new engine factory has taken place at the territory of Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus in Vladivostok on 10 September 2018, with the participation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The engine plant, which will be specialised in the production of 4-cylinder, Euro-5 standard Mazda Skyactiv-G petrol engines, will have an annual capacity of 50,000 units.

As one may remember, the construction of the new building of the enterprise started in Autumn 2017, right after Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus received the residential status at Nadezhdinskaya Priority Development Area. The facility is built on 12,600 m2 area, which consists of engine production and cylinder head machining shops, a zone of internal logistics and an administration and accomodation building.

The assembly of the equipment for the production lines has been made by Russian and Japanese engineers, in cooperation with specialists from the Japanese equipment manufacturer company.

The conveyor at the engine plant has been developed according to contemporary engineering and construction techniques and is formed of a range of completely robotic stands, free of manual labour.

The general director of Sollers Vadim Shvetsov said: “The uniqueness of our project is that the Mazda engine production will become the first high-technology project in the Far East region, which will be fully integrated to the global value chain of a large international group of companies. This is a big breakthrough in terms of recognition of competence, investment attractivity and industrial competitiveness of our enterprise in the Far East.” 

The representative of Mazda Motor Corporation Board of Directors: Masamichi Kogai has made the following statement: “Mazda has taken a big step in engine production in Russia today. We’ll be producing the world’s most efficient engines: Mazda Skyactiv here, in Vladivostok. The plant will be developed as one of the global production sites. We’ll be making further investments for the development of the industry in the Far East region of Russia.”