Luxury car market has grown 2% in Russia in 2018

Luxury car market has grown 2% in Russia in 2018


AutostatLuxury car sales in Russia have reached 1463 units in 2018, following a 1.6% year-on-year growth, from 1440 units in 2017.

The traditional leader of the Russian luxury cars market Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class has kept its position, with 49% share in total. The sales figure of the model is amounted to 716 units in 2018.

Bentley comes second in the rankings with a sales figure of 298 vehicles. Maserati completes the top-three in the luxury segment with 238 cars.

96 new Rolls-Royce, 72 Lamborghini, 30 Ferrari and 13 Aston Martin cars have hit the Russian roads in 2018, on the other hand.

As noted by Autostat, around 70% of the luxury car sales was in Moscow and the surrounding region: 991 units. The capital is followed by St. Petersburg – units, Krasnodar Krai – 35 units, Sverdlovsk – 21 units, Novosibirsk – 19 units, Rostov – 16 units, Tatarstan – 15 units, Voronesh – 13 units and Primorsky Kray – 11 units.