UAZ Hunter is on the Chilean market

UAZ Hunter is on the Chilean market


RusAutoNewsCom.- Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant and its South American partner Inversions UAZ Chile have completed the certification tests of the UAZ Hunter SUV as announced by the press office.

The supply of Hunter vehicles to Chile has already started and test-drives are offered to potential customers, alongside presentations. The main interest for UAZ products comes from mining companies and surfing clubs.

The UAZ Hunter SUVs will be available for the customers in three versions – Classic Hard Top, Classic Soft Top and Trophy. The models differ in appearance and equipments. For example, Classic Hard Top and Classic Soft Top are standard Hunters with metallic and fabric roofs respectively. Trophy, on the other hand, is characterised by its original brown-grey metallic colour and a more serious preparation for off-road conditions (protection of steering gears, crankcase and transfer case and BF Goodrich All-Terrain off-road tyres).

A 2.7 litre, 134.6 hp petrol engine is installed on UAZ Hunter, regardless of the version. A five-speed Dymos manual gearbox operates in tandem with the engine and the all-wheel drive transmission is supplemented by a demultiplicator.

The sales of UAZ Hunter SUVs will be launched in Chile in April 2019, according to plans. 18 dealer centres will be opened in the country within the following years.

“Our Chilean partners plan to certify UAZ-2206, UAZ Patriot SUV and the light truck UAZ Profi this year. According to our expectations, between 300 and 500 UAZ Hunter SUVs will be demanded in Chile annually, once all UAZ models are put on the market” – said the exports director of UAZ.


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