Russian car market has declined by 7% in May 2019

Russian car market has declined by 7% in May 2019


RusAutoNewsCom. – As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, Russian car market has decreased by 6.7%, or by 9,901 units year-on-year in May 2019, and amounted to 137,624 vehicles.

Within the first five months of this year: 677,750 cars were sold in total.

Joerg Schreiber, Chairman of the committee commented: “No good news from the automotive market in May, instead a nearly 7% drop in sales volume: the most noticeable year-on-year loss in over 2 years. Of course, it could be said that the extraordinary warm weather this year is not helping retail sales, as many people spend more time than usual away from the big cities and their shopping malls. The main reason of the current trend however remains a weaker retail demand, driven by macroeconomic factors such as rising household costs in the wake of the VAT increase earlier this year. Specifically automotive, we have a market that is still digesting a substantial reduction in government subsidies stimulating retail purchases in the past. We will have to see how these factors play out over time, but for now we are looking at a rather challenging environment “.

Lada was again the most populer brand of the Russian car market in May 2019 with 28,739 units sold. Lada Granta was the most populer model with 11,095 units sold in May.

Top 10 best-selling car brands in May:

1-Lada. 2-Kia. 3-Hyundai. 4-Renault. 5-Volkswagen. 6-Toyota. 7-Skoda. 8-GAZ LCV. 9-Nissan. 10-Ford.

Top 10 best-selling car models in May:

1-Lada Granta. 2-Lada Vesta. 3-Kia Rio. 4-Hyundai Creta. 5-Hyundai Solaris. 6-Volkswagen Polo. 7-Renault Duster. 8-Lada Largus. 9-Skoda Rapid. 10- Volkswagen Tiguan.

All 10 models are manufactured in Russia.

Please see the AEB Press-Release for detailed Russian car market figures.

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