The number of official car dealer centers down by 74 centres in Russia

The number of official car dealer centers down by 74 centres in Russia


Autostat.- According to the latest Autostat survey, there are 3376 official car dealer centers for the sale and maintenance of cars in Russia, as of mid-July 2019.

The dealer number has gone down by 450 centres since January, when 3450 enterprises operated countrywide. The reduction in dealer centre numbers is explained by the signature of 239 new contracts, as opposed to 313 terminations. 

Chinese Lifan (-34) and Chery (-12), along with Uzbek Ravon (-18) are the brands, which faced a significant number of closures. GM-Avtovaz and FAW have also lost 7 and 6 centres respectively, during the first half of the year. In addition, UAZ, Smart and Ford have also got 4 dealers less each. The dealer numbers of Chinese Geely and French Renault are down by 3 and 2 respectively, on the other hand. It should be noted that several dealers have switched to the status of service partners.

In the meantime, some Chinese brands experienced opposite fortunes, by increasing their dealer numbers. For example, JAC has signed dealership contracts with 43 companies, following a 5 years break. Haval, which built its own car plant in Russia, has doubled the number of its dealers (+27). Chinese Changan and Korean KIA have added 8 and 7 centres respectively to their networks, alongside an increase of 4 each from DFM and Mitsubishi. Some other manufacturers have grown their networks by 1 to 3 centres.

Lada has the largest car dealer network in Russia as before, with 292 official centres. Korean KIA and Hyundai have 196 and 188 centres respectively. Renault has 145 galleries and Nissan 136. GM-Avtovaz, Volkswagen, UAZ, Skoda, Mitsubishi and Toyota are the other brands with dealer numbers above 100 centres countrywide.