The Russian car park has exceeded 52 million units

The Russian car park has exceeded 52 million units


RusAutoNewsCom.- The Russian car park has amounted to 52.4 million units as of July 2019, as stated by Autostat.

Approximately 84% of the park is formed of passenger cars, which is equivalent to 44.1 million units. 8% of the total figure belongs to light commercial vehicles or 4.1 million units in quantitative terms.

The number of trucks is a little bit under LCVs with 3.8 million units, making 7% of the park. Less than 1% of the Russian automobile park consists of buses, amounting to 0.4 million units.

The figure of the Russian brand cars has amounted to 16.6 million units, having 37.6% share of the park.

62.4% of the total amount of registered automobiles in the country is formed of foreign brand vehicles, which is equivalent to 27.5 million cars.

Japanese manufacturers have maintained its leadership amongst foreign brands with 9.9 million vehicles, having approximately 22% share of the Russian passenger car park.