The introduction plan of autonomous vehicles has been announced in Russia

The introduction plan of autonomous vehicles has been announced in Russia


Rambler.- The Russian Federation is planning to be fully prepared for the introduction of autonomous vehicles on public roads in 2023, quoting the road map developed by Sberbank and Yandex, with the participation of GAZ and Kamaz.

The development plan proposes the expansion of testing opportunities on unmanned vehicles. In particular, the tests on closed territories will be conducted without a driver in the cabin. There are also plans to allow the usage of robotic transport as taxi services, albeit with an operator on the driver seat.

It’s also planned to develop and adapt recommendations for the investigations of accidents with the involvement of fully automated vehicles by the end of the year. The creation of a minimum number of two unmanned vehicle test zones with 5G coverage are also within the plans.

A law on the operation of autonomous vehicles will come into force within the framework of the plan in 2021, which will allow the provision of commercial services without a driver in test mode. Test operation will shift to full-scale usage of unmanned technology by the end of 2022.

As warned by the Kamaz Scientific and Technical Centre (STC) on unmanned systems, the driverless vehicles can not yet be used freely on public roads, due to the imperfection and inertia of the regulatory framework. STC has defined the idea of releasing the vehicles on the roads as risky.

“Until people get accustomed to the usage of autonomous vehicles, in the event of a crash between a car and a driverless truck, the manufacturer of the unmanned vehicle will be the guilty party” – said the chief specialist of STC.

Within the scope of the national Digital Economy Project, it’s planned to at least triple the domestic costs for the development of digital economy from all sources (by share in GDP) in Russia by the end of 2024, in comparison with 2017.