AVTOVAZ has revealed plans for autonomous vehicles

AVTOVAZ has revealed plans for autonomous vehicles


RNS.- Avtovaz has revealed plans for autonomous vehicles. The company plans to use the unmanned driving technologies developed by the Renault-Nissan alliance on its vehicles in the future. The relevant statement has been made by the director of Lada B/C programme, Alexei Likhachev.

“The know-how of Renault-Nissan Alliance on driverless cars can be used on our models. We are planning to employ such technologies” – said Likhachev.

As explained by the director, the project concerns ready-made packages, which can be integrated into specific automobiles, rather than components.

In the meantime, Likhachev has added that the production and the release of autonomous vehicles is currently being postponed in Russia, due to the lack of demand, infrastructure and the legal framework.

“The production and the sales of driverless cars is currently being postponed in Russia, due to insufficient customer demand and infrastructure, alongside the absence of a legal framework, which may ensure the safety of the vehicles. Introduction of restrictions, such as a narrow zone for the usage of autonomous vehicles is the topic of discussions at the moment. Neither a transnational coverage nor a platform that could be applied throughout Russia are being considered yet. First and foremost, zones will be appointed in the cities for the usage of special and niche vehicles” – said Likhachev.

Likhachev has stated that Avtovaz has no plans to develop components for electric vehicles for the moment. In the event of rising demand, such components can be obtained from the partners of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.