YANDEX will launch 100 autonomous cars in Russia and the United States

YANDEX will launch 100 autonomous cars in Russia and the United States 100 new Yandex autonomous cars will appear on the roads of Russia and the United States until the end of 2020. Tests will be conducted on the unmanned vehicles on the basis of Hyundai Sonata in Moscow and Michigan, as well as Kazan Innopolis.

According to the statement made by Yandex press office, the fourth generation driverless cars have an advanced set of sensors. The number of cameras with different focal lengths has also increased. Radars have been installed on the roof and lidars on the front wings, which help the detection of pedestrians and transport in conditions of limited side view.

“The equipment enables the system to receive the most detailed and reliable information about the other participants of the traffic in a variety of conditions” – as emphasised by specialists from the company.

As one may remember, tests began on the first autonomous cars manufactured by Yandex on the basis of Japanese Toyota Prius in Moscow city centre at the end of 2017. IT companies and Hyundai have signed an agreement of intent on the creation of a platform for driverless vehicles for car sharing companies and cab services in March.

Tests were applied on Yandex driverless cars in Las Vegas in January. The tests on the vehicle were conducted during the daylight and the night, as well as the rush-hour and rainy conditions.