KAMAZ Chistogor: the first electric truck by KAMAZ

KAMAZ Chistogor: the first electric truck by KAMAZ


RusAutoNewsCom.- Specialists at the Science and Technology Centre of Kamaz are working on a development project of electric truck. Kamaz Chistogor 53198 dustcart has become the first product of the project, as announced by the press office of the company.

The vehicle will be the initial model of the new Kamaz Chistogor series electric dump-trucks. The chassis of the truck has been built and calibration and setup processes are being implemented on the electrical and electronic systems of the vehicle at the moment. The road tests will begin on the chassis, as well as the superstructure in August 2020.

The Kamaz 53198 electric dustcart has a 4×2 wheel formula. The chassis has a carrying capacity of 12 tonnes and the dumptruck 6 tonnes. The gross weight of the vehicle is 19.5 tonnes. The maximum velocity of the truck is 90 km/h. The gradeability of the vehicle is not less than 15% and the capacity of the traction battery is 156.6 kW/h.

“The Kamaz 53198 electric truck is equipped with a modern powerful electric power plant and traction batteries in accordance with the NMC technology, having high rates of specific capacity and energy output. The vehicle is also installed with ADAS Level 3 Driver Assistance System and City Pilot class, developed by experts from the Kamaz Science and Technology Centre, which correspond to the semi-autonomous movement mode of the truck. The driver acts as an operator-controller, in case the movement process of the truck is interrupted” – as the features of the Kamaz Chistogor dumptrucks were explained by the Chief Designer of Innovative Cars at the Scientific and Technical Center of the company Sergei Nazarenko.

The serial production of the Kamaz 53198 electric truck is planned to be launched in 2023. The Kamaz Chistogor family will be expanded in the future, which will include electric trucks models of various gross weights, wheel formulae and body types.