Kamaz has fulfilled its production plan within the period of January-May 2020

Kamaz has fulfilled its production plan within the period of January-May 2020


Prime.- Kamaz has fulfilled its production plan for the January-May period of 2020, in terms of both production and finance, despite the spread of the coronavirus, as told by the head of the company Sergei Kogogin at the conference held by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on digital transformation.

“Without disregarding the serious efforts made by the government to support our industry, I’d like to draw attention to the current performance of Kamaz, which is above both last year’s indicators and our business plan. The company has been successful in terms of production volume, as well as the financial situation” – he said.

Kamaz had suspended production for a week at the end of March / beginning of April, in accordance with a decree issued by the President of the Russian Federation, in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. Kogogin has estimated the loss due to downtime during the week as 2 billion rubles. The company has stopped production during the May holidays as well, between 1-11 May, resuming operations on 12 May.

As announced by Kamaz at the end of June, the company will cancel the part-time three-days-a-week working regime from 29 June to 31 July 2020, due to received orders. The manufacturer plans to produce approximately 3300 trucks in July, pushing up the capacity of the main assembly conveyor to 170 vehicles per day.

The largest heavy trucks manufacturer of Russia is amongst the top-twenty automotive giants worldwide. Kamaz has made a net loss of 2 billion rubles according to IFRS in contrast to last year’s profit of 1.6 billion rubles, as stated in company accounts.