Ukrainian ZAZ has resumed Lada production

Ukrainian ZAZ has resumed Lada production


RBK.- Avtovaz has resumed the shipment of Lada car kits to the Ukrainian ZAZ enterprise, which assembles the Russian vehicles for the local market.

The car factory in Russia currently supplies components for Lada Largus estate vehicles. Bodies arrive without front and rear bumpers, optics and steering wheels, all of which will be shipped separately. In addition, two Granta sedan bodies have been delivered to ZAZ at the end of June for test assembly.

As a result, the negotiations between the Ukrainian side and Renault on the production of Lada vehicles at Zaporizhia Automobile Plant have reached a positive outcome.

As one may remember, the first photographs of Lada vehicles assembled at ZAZ appeared on the internet in March 2020. Practically, all current models of the Russian brand will roll off the conveyor of the plant: Lada Vesta and XRay series and their off-road versions, alongside Granta and Largus estate.

As previously reported, Ukraine has banned car imports from Russia in June 2019. 

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