The number of car dealer centres fell by 228 during the first half of 2020

The number of car dealer centres fell by 228 during the first half of 2020


Autostat.- According to the survey conducted by Autostat, there are 3152 official dealer centres for car sales and services in the Russian Federation, as of the beginning of July 2020.

The figure indicates a decrease in dealer numbers by 228 centres within the last six months, down from 3370 dealers in January 2020. The fall in dealer numbers during the aforementioned period is explained by the termination of 362 contracts, as opposed to 144 signatures. The integration of Chevrolet Niva model into the Lada dealer network, resulting in the closure of 122 centres has been observed as one of the main factors behind the shrinkage in numbers.

Hawtai and Ravon brands have left the Russian brands, closing 38 and 50 centres respectively. The new Chevrolet distributor UzAvto is establishing a dealer network in Russia, joining the existing dealers and authorised service centres of General Motors Auto, alongside a part of the current Ravon dealers, subject to their geographical locations and the level of compatibility with the brand’s standards.

Lifan has experienced the most significant shrinkage in dealer numbers. The Chinese manufacturer has lost 13 centres. The decrease in the networks of other brands remained below 10 dealers each. It should be noted that some dealer centres have been converted to service establishments.

On the other hand, a few brands managed to expand their networks during the aforementioned period, mainly the Chinese. For example, Changan has opened 26 dealers (9 closures), FAW 12 (3 closures) and Haval added 9 enterprises to its network. JAC, Chery and Geely are the other brands, expanding their networks.

As stated by the experts, Russian Lada brand, the owner of the largest network in the country, has maintained its number of official dealer centres, 3 closures being cancelled out by the establishment of 3 new ones.