UAZ SUV models are entering the Iranian automobile market

UAZ SUV models are entering the Iranian automobile market The sales of UAZ SUV models Patriot, Pickup and Profi have started in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Soroush Diesel Mabna has become the distributor of the enterprise from Ulyanovsk in Iran. UAZ will supply the country with automobile kits, which will be assembled into finished vehicles by Soroush Diesel Mabna. The company is specialised in the licenced assembly of Hyundai commercial vehicles for the local market.

The Patriots will be available in two body types in the Islamic Republic: SUV and pickup, alongside Profi dropside trucks. All vehicles are equipped with all-wheel-drive transmission, ZMZ-409051 Euro-5 environmental standards compliant 150 hp petrol engines, two airbags, ABS and ESP and electronic start-up and downhill assistance systems.

The prices of the vehicles will start from 600,000 riyals (approximately $160,000).

It should be noted that UAZ had planned to enter the Iranian market in 2017, presenting UAZ SUV models Patriot and Pickup vehicles in an exhibition in Tehran. However, the strict sanctions brought against Iran by the United States in 2018 made car supplies to the country almost impossible. UAZ already has operational experience in the Iranian market. Russian SUVs were being supplied to the country in the 80s. Approximately 15,000 UAZ vehicles had been sold in Iran until the beginning of the 90s.

Iran is the largest car market in the Middle East, with a consumer demand potential of 1.7 million automobiles per year.