Avtotor Group has plans to bring its own car production project into life

Avtotor Group has plans to bring its own car production project into life


Interfax.- Avtotor Group has plans to project and manufacture an automobile of its own development, as told by the senior vice-president of Avtotor Holding Vladimir Krivchenko to journalists.

“Despite the current difficulties due to the pandemic, we managed to keep our production team and found the opportunity to increase production volumes, as well as mastering and improving technologies. We have established an engineering centre, where we select and gather specialists. We are coming to a conclusion that we will project and manufacture some sort of an automobile” – Krivchenko said.

Meanwhile, the senior manager has not given a hint on the time scale of the implementation of the idea.

The SPIC between Avtotor Group and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce particularly implies the deepening of engineering competencies.

“Creation of engineering and IT training centres is planned within the scope of the project, which will raise the engineering and design and the technological support of production to a new level, allowing the digitalisation of production management and train highly qualified personnel for the improved manufacturing process” – as told by the general manager of Avtotor Group Alexander Sorokin last summer, commenting on the signature of the SPIC.

Avtotor has manufactured 213,000 automobiles in 2019, which is equivalent to a 5.4% year-on-year growth. The company management expects a shrinkage of 32% in production this year to 145,000 vehicles, due to the coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand.