KAMAZ sales have risen by 7.1% in Russia in 2020

KAMAZ sales have risen by 7.1% in Russia in 2020


Finmarket.- Kamaz sales have risen by 7.1% in the Russian market in 2020, despite the pandemic. The exports have fallen by 13%, on the other hand, as a result of the continuing restrictive measures implemented in foreign countries against Covid-19, according to the quarterly report of the company.

“32,662 Kamaz trucks have been sold in the Russian market in 2020, which is equivalent to a 7.1% year-on-year rise. The figure includes the trucks with a gross weight of over 14 tonnes – 32,071 units and the 8-14 tonnes gross weight – 591 units” – as stated in the quarterly report of the manufacturer. According to the report, the share of the company in its main market has risen by 3 percentage points to 47.5%.

As stated in the report, the automotive equipment exports of Kamaz have shrunk by 13% in 2020, to 4359 vehicles, SKD assembly kits for parts and assembly sets. 70% of exports: 1560 vehicles, 79 assembly sets and 1410 SKDs have been shipped to the CIS countries and the remaining 30% to non-CIS countries: 1223 vehicles, 51 assembly sets and 36 SKDs.

Kazakhstan (1328 units), Turkmenistan (852 units), Uzbekistan (196 units) and Belarus (109 units) have become the key export markets for Kamaz in 2020. In addition, the products of the company have been shipped to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan.

Vietnam was the main export destination for the company amongst the non-CIS countries in 2020 (650 vehicles), followed by Lithuania (100 vehicles). In addition, Kamaz products have also reached customers in a number of African and Southeast Asian countries, according to the quarterly report of the company.

The 2020 business plan of Kamaz, which was prepared before the pandemic, projected the sales of 35,700 trucks: 29,000 in the Russian Federation and 6700 abroad. “According to our observation, we will certainly sell 32,000 trucks at home and export 4600-4700 units. The domestic market has compensated for the shrinkage in exports. In other words, we are overfulfilling the plan for the domestic market” – as told by the general director of Kamaz Sergei Kogogin to journalists at the end of December 2020.