UAZ has decided upon the production of foreign cars instead of new Patriot

UAZ has decided upon the production of foreign cars instead of new Patriot


Avtonovostidnya.- The project on the new Patriot SUV “Russian Prado” has been put on hold, however, there are no plans to abandon the idea. The relevant statement has been made by the general director of UAZ Adil Shirinov.

“Let Prado remain with its own manufacturers. With regard to the project, we have not cancelled it, but replaced the priorities of our development strategy, which was significantly affected by the pandemic and the macroeconomic situation. It’s right to say that the product range project has been suspended. We have redesigned our development plan in full, without closing any projects. The priorities have no time to wait” – said Shirinov.

Shirinov requested not to call the new Patriot “Russian Prado”. The nickname was given to the vehicle by the head of the UAZ subsidiary Sollers: Vadim Shvetsov two years ago.

The general director has also admitted that UAZ will abandon the project of its own chassis, due to the complexity and high cost of its development. The company has been negotiating with a number of potential partners, which would provide their competencies and technologies, similar to the relationship between Renault and Avtovaz.

“The issue of partnership is more reasonable today. Check the alliances between manufacturers in the Russian market. Partnership is an effective and correct decision, which would create a synergy of production opportunities and the adaptation of development. We want to become an attractive asset and need to generate profit for that purpose” – Shirinov added.

Shirinov won’t be able to announce the names of the partners till May, however, obviously, the aim is to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation. As part of the strategy, a foreign company will share technology with UAZ (first and foremost, a platform for vehicles), which will enable UAZ to follow the example of Avtovaz and start the contract assembly of vehicles compatible with its future models.

Earlier this year it was reported that UAZ has frozen the new Patriot project.