SberAutoTech has presented the fully autonomous electric car FLIP

SberAutoTech has presented the fully autonomous electric car FLIP


TASS.- The Sber ecosystem company: SberAutoTech has presented the prototype of its own design fully autonomous electric car FLIP.

The construction of FLIP is based on an electric platform designed by SberAutoTech, which is driven by an electric engine and the power source is formed of a replaceable battery module. The arrangement of the batteries, as part of the company’s know-how, allows the replacement of all modules in less than 5 minutes, which is similar to the time consumed for refuelling in a standard car. The current restrictions for the usage of electric vehicles are tackled by this design: the long charging period of standard batteries and their high cost, due to the capacity requirements and power reserve of electric vehicles. The configuration of FLIP makes the usage of alternative fuels possible as an energy source alongside electricity, such as; gas and hydrogen, as stated by the company.

The platform was originally designed by SberAutoTech taking the requirements of driverless and connected transport into the account. The external dimensions of FLIP are the same as a standard automobile, however the interior space is 40% larger, due to the design, which is free of elements that steal from the interior volume, as in cars with an internal combustion engine. Also, the vehicle does not contain the traditional controls for the driver either. Six people can comfortably fit inside the vehicle.

FLIP has been designed for new mobility scenarios. The fully connected, autonomous and safe cab of the future will be routinely accessible through a custom app. Personalisation and security are provided by biometrics technologies (passenger face recognition) and the virtual assistant Salute enables efficient communication. Journeys can be personalised through the skills and services of the ecosystem and the partners of Sber: the choice of frequently used 2GIS navigation routes, the setting of the optimum interior temperature, turning on favourite music via SberSound and video content from Okko.

The vehicle developed by SberautoTech is a driverless car, belonging to the highest fifth level. The unmanned transport technology of SberAutoTech uses sophisticated lidars, radars and cameras for the evaluation of situations in the exterior surroundings. In accordance with the actual requirements of the new transport system, FLIP has been designed for seamless integration with V2V and V2X technologies. The vehicle can communicate with other similar cars and the road infrastructure. At the moment, SberAutoTech is conducting the final tests on the prototype. The tests are carried out in complete compliance with the current legal requirements for unmanned transport, however, in closed areas. FLIP will soon be presented to the participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, between 2-5 June.

“The FLIP electric platform overcomes all restrictions dictated by the layout of standard vehicles. Thereby, we will be able to to offer solutions for a wide variety of areas: cargo transportation, the last mile and taxi, in combination with the flexible architecture of the self-driving technology developed by SberAutoTech. The future will be made of these technologies and we are proud of the fact that the relevant improvements have become possible thanks to the synergy within the ecosystem and the engineering solutions of SberAutoTech” – the Executive Vice-President of Sberbank and the Head of Technological Department David Rafalovsky stated, as quoted by the press office of Sberbank Group.