The production of the electric UAZ Hunter has started in Czechia

The production of the electric UAZ Hunter has started in Czechia


Autostat.- Czech company MW Motors, making small-scale production of premium electric cars, has launched the sales of the electric version of UAZ Hunter SUVs. The price tag of the new vehicle, which has been named as MWM Spartan EV, will start from €39,900. Although the price of the electric version is more than double in comparison with the petrol engine Spartan (from €19,900), the electric conversions based on Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-class are much more expensive and not every European forestry can afford the vehicles either.

The conversion of UAZ Hunter into an electric car is carried out within the framework of a simplified scheme, without removing the transmission – the gearbox, transfer case, shafts, axles, etc. Even the exhaust pipe remains in place, only nothing comes out of it. The naturally aspirated ZMZ petrol engine is replaced by a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets, with a maximum capacity of 163 hp and 600 Nm.

A 62.2 kWh battery is packed in a waterproof iron box and provides enough power for approximately 150 km travel in the countryside, once fully charged. If the customers require a longer travel range in one charge, MW Motors can install a 90 kWh battery, however, the developers are of the opinion that European foresters, builders and geologists are not likely to need long-range SUVs, since the base capacity should be enough for one shift. As a last resort, the battery can be charged up to 80% in fast-charging mode, during the lunch break.

The price of the basic version of electric UAZ Hunter with fabric roof is €39,900. Metal roof costs extra, as well as anti-corrosion treatment and off-road options (locking rear differential, power bumpers, winch, expeditionary trunk with ladder). The kerb weight has risen to 1,966 kg from 1,760 kg, due to the electrical components. The maximum velocity remains the same: 130 km/h. The acceleration time to 100 km/h has not been indicated, however, in theory, the electric UAZ should be considerably faster than the petrol version.

The new electric UAZ Hunter has completely maintained the UAZ features of the exterior. The only significant change in the interior is the replacement of the stock arrow rounds with the electronic instrument panel.