Sollers Auto has generated a revenue of 37 billion rubles within the H1 of 2021

Sollers Auto has generated a revenue of 37 billion rubles within the H1 of 2021


RusAutoNews.- The revenue of Sollers Auto has risen to 36.8 billion rubles from last year’s 23.1 billion, as reported by company press office. The 59% increase in the revenue was mainly due to the 87% growth in the retail sales of Ford Transit with 8300 units, alongside UAZ SUVs and commercial vehicles, by 7% to 13,200 units.

The EBITDA indicator has also tripled during the aforementioned period, reaching 3.4 billion rubles. The company has made a net profit of 277 million rubles during the first half of the year, on the other hand, following an improvement from last year’s 1.2 billion rubles loss.

“In our point of view, the financial results of the first half of the year are positive for Sollers Auto. The position of our brands have been strengthened as a result of the economic recovery and the revival of demand in the Russian automobile market. The market share of Ford Transit has risen to 18%. In line with the improving circumstances, we have launched a range of new digital subscription and connectivity services for customers that offer multiple benefits and make driving even more comfortable” – said Nikolai Sobolev, the general director of Sollers Auto.

As one may remember, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has released the new version of the UAZ Profi truck with double-tyre wheels during the first half of 2021, as well as launching the sales of the bi-fuel versions of the Patriot and Pickup models. The car manufacturer from Ulyanovsk is actively developing its digital services: UAZ Subscription and UAZ Connect services have been launched for private clients.

Sollers Ford joint venture has announced the reacquisition of the production assets of the Ford Motor engine factory in January 2021, with the purpose of organising the production of diesel engines for the Ford Transit commercial vehicle range. The company has also launched a subscription service for Ford Transit.