VW Group will reduce car production in Russia due to semiconductor shortage

VW Group will reduce car production in Russia due to semiconductor shortage


RusAutoNews.- VW Group Rus will reduce the volume of car production in the Russian Federation during the forthcoming months, due to the global shortage of semiconductors, as told by the press office of the company to TASS.

“A significant shortage in the production capacity of semiconductors has led to serious supply problems in the automotive industry since the beginning of the year, having an inevitable negative effect on VW Group Rus. As a result of the complicated circumstances, the production volume of the company will shrink during the course of the next few months”, – as reported by the press office.

As stated by the company, the production volume will go back to previous levels as soon as the supply situation improves, in order to meet the stable demand on products.

“In the meantime, we’ll be monitoring the situation on a daily basis and rectify our production schedule in line with the course of the latest developments” – the press office added.

According to a statement made in September, VW Group Rus had to suspend production in Kaluga plant a few times during the month, which led to a shrinkage in the total output.

As became known on 7 October, the Czech car manufacturer Skoda, operating under the global umbrella of Volkswagen Group, will significantly reduce or completely cut the production at its factories in Czechia as of 18 October, due to the shortage of electronic components.

The car manufacturers have been experiencing difficulties due to the shortage of semiconductors and other components on a global scale, during the past few months. Avtovaz had to suspend production repeatedly during the aforementioned period, as a result of supply problems concerning electronic components. As stated by the Russian Minister of Industry and Commerce Denis Manturov earlier, the ministry foresees further interruptions in the operations of automobile plants in Russia, due to component shortages.

VW Group Rus manufactures Volkswagen Tiguan, Polo and Skoda Rapid models at the Kaluga plant, at a maximum annual capacity of 225,000 units. Volkswagen and Skoda car production is carried out within the territory of the enterprise, alongside a factory for 1.6 MPI petrol engines.