Russian car market has decreased by 4% in January 2022

Russian car market has decreased by 4% in January 2022

RusAutoNews.- As announced by the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, the Russian car market has decreased by 3.7%, or by 3,551 units year-on-year in January 2022, and amounted to 91,662 vehicles.

Thomas Staertzel, Chairman of the committee has commented: “Traditionally, January is a month of low new car sales volume. The trend of a slight market decrease continues in 2022 as expected: 91,662 new vehicles and LCVs were sold in the first month 2022 which is 3.7% less than a year before.

LCVs also decreased, but with -15% even significantly due to low business during New Year season.

After the return of the 15% import tax duty for BEVs we start witnessing increase of their prices for end customers.

As forecasted, we do not expect any fast market recovery this year, but still hope that the trend will change in its second half.

Lada ist the most popular brand of the Russian car market in January with 18,045 units sold. Second and third spots are occupied by the Korean brands Kia with 12,321 units and Hyundai with 11,356 units. Kia Rio is the most popular car model in January with 6,206 units sold.

Top 10 best-selling car brands in January 2021:

1-Lada. 2-Kia. 3-Hyundai. 4-Renault. 5-Toyota. 6-Volkswagen. 7-Nissan. 8-Skoda. 9-Haval. 10-Chery.

Top 10 best-selling car models in January 2021:

1-Kia Rio. 2-Lada Vesta. 3-Lada Granta. 4-Hyundai Solaris. 5-Hyundai Creta. 6-Renault Duster. 7-Toyota RAV4. 8-Lada Niva. 9-Lada Largus. 10-Volkswagen Polo.

All 10 models are manufactured in Russia.

Please see the AEB Press-Release for detailed Russian car market figures.