The Russian government has approved the support for the electronics industry

The Russian government has approved the support for the electronics industry


RusAutoNews.- The Russian government has approved the list of tax incentives for materials, technologies and finished products as part of support for the Russian electronics industry.

The list of technologies includes 59 items, including the production of semiconductor wafers with crystals, inertial microelectromechanical systems, the production of fiber optic cables, technologies for laser welding of quartz glass and piezoelectric generators. It also includes more than 30 types of materials, including powdered ruthenium, gold and silver solders, oxides and hydroxides of chromium and copper, ammonia and others.

Microelectronics manufactured using these materials and technologies are critical to a wide range of products, from automobiles, airplanes and spacecraft to home appliances.

There are 18 positions in the list of electronic products, including computers, smart cards, POS terminals with the ability to transfer data, LCD televisions, video cameras.

Institutions and companies specializing in the design and production of listed products may pay an income tax rate of 3% and also receive a preferential insurance premium rate of 7.6%.

These funding measures are part of the so-called “tax maneuver 2.0”, which is intended to boost the development of the Russian radio electronics industry in the face of external restrictions. Amendments to the second part of the Tax Code were adopted in July 2022.

All this will allow us to expand the production of our own radio electronics against the background of the imposed import bans and increase their competitiveness,” said Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of Russia at a meeting with his deputies on August 1.

Source: Russian Government