AVTOVAZ has approved the creation of two new Lada models

AVTOVAZ has approved the creation of two new Lada models


RusAutoNews.- As announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, during a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Avtovaz with the Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, it is agreed on the creation of two new Lada models; a crossover based on the Vesta platform, as well as a separate family of the B segment on the global platform.

It’s been also discussed the current state of the automotive market in Russia, the implementation of the localisation plans and the production plans for 2022 and 2023.

Avtovaz has been set the task of producing up to 500 thousand vehicles in 2023. This is an ambitious goal and it is necessary to prepare for its achievement today, together with suppliers and partners. The Board of Directors also unanimously approved the launch of two projects of new Lada models, which should be put on the conveyor in 2024 – 2025,” Manturov said.

As reported, in order to ensure the continuity of production and saturation of the market with new affordable vehicles, Avtovaz is constantly working with suppliers from Russia and friendly countries to organize regular deliveries of the necessary components.

While maintaining the current situation with sanctions, restrictions and the supply of components, Avtovaz plans to produce up to 140 thousand new vehicles in the second half of 2022.

The Avtovaz team is doing everything possible on a daily basis to ensure stable production of cars. We are also working hard to return the usual options to the configuration of our cars. In particular, Granta is already equipped with airbags, air conditioning and a multimedia system. Avtovaz is fully aware of its responsibility to provide the country with affordable modern cars, and our entire team is making every effort to increase production and develop the Lada brand,” said Maxim Sokolov, President of Avtovaz.

Manturov together with the BoD of Avtovaz