Demand for auto parts in Russia has grown by 23 times y-o-y

Demand for auto parts in Russia has grown by 23 times y-o-y


RIA .- According to data from the Wildberries marketplace, Russian demand for auto parts in the online segment has increased 23 times over the year.

The highest sales dynamics in September 2022 were in the spare parts segment: compared to last year, the demand for them increased by almost 23 times. The increased interest in their online purchases … may be due to people preferring the service of repairing their own cars rather than buying new ones,” the marketplace reads.

It is noted that over the past month, Russians have mainly bought oil, air and cabin filters, spark plugs, car fuses, high-voltage cables, car pads, fuel filters, brake discs, stabilizer bars and wheel bearings in pieces. At the same time, buyers prefer car parts from brands from South Korea, Japan and China.

In September, the most common searches were for spare parts for domestic cars and parts for foreign cars of the mass segment – Renault Logan and Duster, as well as Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio.

At the same time, according to the marketplace, consumer interest is most dynamically growing in auto products from Canada, Denmark (unit sales growth by 17 times compared to last year), Turkey (by 14 times), the Czech Republic (by 10 times) and Uzbekistan (by 9 times).

In September 2022, Russians bought 111% more auto parts from Wildberries than a year earlier. Most often, residents of our country buy car chemicals, motor oils, car lamps, seat covers, fog lights, wiper blades, tires and frames online platform for license plates, car scanners and car repair kits,” the statement continues.